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Solid State Relay Products

Solid State Relays 

DARE Electronics’ solid state relays incorporate advanced microelectronic hybrid technology and are available from low level to 50 amps.

Solid state relays have distinct advantages over electro-mechanical devices including: no contact bounce, arcing or flashing; immunity to contact contamination and oxide formation in dry or normally open circuits; and immunity to shock and vibration thus preventing unwanted contact closures. Furthermore, DARE's solid state relays yield much longer switching life, higher reliability, and reduced electromagnetic radiated and conducted emissions.

Features include:

  • Optical or transformer input to output isolation
  • Zero voltage turn-on; zero current turn-off
  • Logic compatible input current levels
  • 3 phase load switching capabilities
  • Hybrid microelectronic design
  • High transient immunity
  • Fast switching speed
  • Snap action switching

General Specifications

While DARE’s solid-state relays are available in a wide variety of custom configurations, these general specifications represent some of DARE's current product capabilities:


Solid-State Relays

Input Voltages
From 3 to 200 VDC or 3 to 440 VAC


Temperature Limits
-55°C to 110°C (Optical)
-55°C to 125°C (Transformer)


Load Voltages
Up to 500 Volts AC or DC


Input to Output Isolation
Up to 4000 VRMS


Load Currents
From low level to 50 amperes


Available Outputs
(AC) Triac or inverse-parallel SCR's, 1 or 3 phase
(DC) SCR, MOSFET, Darlington or bipolar transistor


Exact features will be custom designed to your specific application.  Call or email a sales engineer for more information.

Awards & Recognition
Numerous customers, including Lockheed, Boeing and the Department of Defense (DoD) have recognized DARE Electronics for its outstanding commitment to quality & delivery.
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