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Time Delay Relays, Timers, Sensors, and Monitors
DARE has a complete line of standard Time Delay Relays, Voltage, Phase & Frequency Sensors, and Power Monitors, and if a standard unit doesn’t meet your needs, DARE can customize any unit to your exact requirements.  In addition, DARE can design & manufacture a Flasher, Current Sensor, Electromechanical or Solid-State Relay, or other electromechanical or electronic device to meet your needs whether it is for use on a new application or a legacy system.
Many of DARE’s products have been tested and are designed to meet the electrical and environmental requirements of MIL-STD-202, MIL-STD-454, MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-461, and MIL-STD-810 and are listed on the qualified products list (QPL) or have been tested in accordance with the qualification requirements of MIL-E-24021 (now MIL-PRF-24021), MIL-F-26301, MIL-R-5757, MIL-R-6106 (now MIL-PRF-6106), MIL-R-83726 (now MIL-PRF-83726), and MIL-V-81995.
Put DARE’s extensive experience designing & manufacturing high-reliability, high-accuracy products for the severe environmental requirements of the military and aerospace industry to use today.  Click on one of the specific products listed below or contact us for more information.
Time Delay Relays

DARE manufactures a wide variety of time delay relays including fixed and adjustable delay on operate and delay on release, repeat cycle timer, and motor driven timers.


AC Voltage Sensors

Continuously monitor single or three-phase power lines for over or under voltage conditions with DARE’s AC voltage sensors & monitors.


DC Voltage Sensors

DC voltage sensors monitor input voltages ranging from 3 VDC to 500 volts DC with trip point accuracies of up to 1% in airborne, military, and ground support applications.


Phase Sensors

Protect aircraft equipment & other devices from damage due to phase loss or reversal with DARE’s phase sensors & monitors.

Frequency Sensors

DARE’s frequency sensors and monitors are available in both AC powered and DC powered models in a wide variety of standard or custom enclosures.



Current Sensors

Current sensors designed to monitor the presence or absence of AC or DC current are available in an assortment of standard & custom models.


Power Monitors

DARE has a complete line of 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz power monitors available in a numerous package styles including AC or DC operated models and external aircraft power monitors.



MIL-F-26301 and other flashers with solid-state or electro-mechanical outputs are available from DARE Electronics.

Electro-mechanical Relays

Throughout the years, DARE has supported the military, aerospace and ground power industry with custom and unique electro-mechanical relays.



Solid State Relays

DARE Electronics’ solid state relays incorporate advanced microelectronic hybrid technology and are available from low level to 50 amps


Custom Designed Products

Over the years, DARE has custom designed anti-ice timers, windshield heat controllers, control boxes, electrical test sets, & many other custom designed products.


Fit, Form & Functional Replacements

DARE specializes in designing & manufacturing replacements for old, obsolete, discontinued, or sole-source items.

Awards & Recognition
Numerous customers, including Lockheed, Boeing and the Department of Defense (DoD) have recognized DARE Electronics for its outstanding commitment to quality & delivery.
100% Quality and On-Time Delivery