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About Us

DARE Electronics, Inc., a woman owned small business, is a recognized leader in the design, development, and manufacture of high accuracy electronic and electromechanical devices for the military, ground support, and aerospace market. In addition, DARE serves various other industries that demand high reliability products for use in critical applications and demanding environments.


DARE Electronics began in 1976 manufacturing special relays, electronic, and electro-mechanical products for the U.S. government. Through the years, DARE broadened its product offerings through its own ever-increasing engineering expertise as well as several acquisitions, including the acquisition of the Dayton Aviation Radio Equipment division of Allied Technologies and the Bristol Co. Syncroverter® product line.

Dayton Aviation Radio Equipment, acquired in the early 1980’s, specialized in manufacturing radio transmitters, receivers, and navigation equipment for military aircraft, including the P3C Orion. Many of the parts originally designed by Allied Technology and the Dayton Aviation Radio Equipment division are still used today, and DARE Electronics continues to support these items in use around the world.

In addition, DARE Electronics continues to support and manufacture the Syncroverter® product line purchased from Bristol Co. The acquisition of the Syncroverter® product line, which was completed in 1989, included both the miniature and subminiature line of electro-mechanical choppers previously manufactured by Bristol Co. Miniature and subminiature choppers are electromechanical high-speed synchronous switching devices generally used to modulate or demodulate electrical signals.


Leading Designer & Manufacturer

Today, DARE Electronics manufactures more than 1,000 different standard and custom products used on a wide variety of applications and is well known throughout the industry for its expertise in designing and manufacturing relays, timers, sensors, flashers, and other electronic and electromechanical devices.

100% Quality and On-Time Delivery

DARE is known for its design excellence and commitment to quality and on-time delivery and has received numerous awards & recognition for its 100% on-time performance and quality rating.

DARE maintains an approved MIL-I-45208A ISO-9001 based quality system and utilizes statistical process control (SPC) methods and lean-manufacturing techniques to continuously monitor & improve product quality and ensure timely deliveries.

Product Design Assistance

As experts in aircraft electrical systems and power control, you can trust DARE to design and manufacture a custom or standard product to your exact requirements. Regardless of whether it is for a new program or a legacy system, DARE has the expertise necessary to assist with any project.