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Current Sensors and AC Current Sensors


Current sensors are designed to monitor the presence or absence of AC or DC current and are available in an assortment of standard & custom models with hermetic or gasket seal models designed to withstand severe environmental conditions.

Using internal electronic circuits to detect, monitor or sense AC or DC current, DARE current sensors and monitors can open or close a circuit when a certain pre-set over or under current condition exists or the current falls outside the specified current range.

Typical AC & DC current sensor specifications and ratings include:

  • 115/220/440 VAC

  • 12/28/48 VDC

  • 0 – 10 Amperes with higher current limits available with the use of an external current transformer

Output contacts are available with ratings of:

  • 2 amp, 5 amp, 10 amp, or 25 amps SPDT through 4PDT

Output contacts can be set to trip for:

  • Under current, over current, or over / under (“band pass”) condition

In addition, DARE AC and DC Current Sensors can be:

  • Powered from sensed input lines or from auxiliary AC or DC power

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