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Electromechanical Relay Products


Throughout the years, DARE has supported the military, aerospace and ground power industry with custom and unique electro-mechanical relays. Whether for a new application or a retrofit, DARE specializes in meeting the customers’ needs for special electro-mechanical relays.

Working with the customer, DARE can supply an electro-mechanical relay to a customer’s specific requirement whether they need a special footprint, mounting arrangement, or enclosure, DARE will work with the customer to meet their exact needs.

In addition, DARE will work with a customer to supply a fit, form, and functional replacement for an old, obsolete, or discontinued electromechanical relay. These fit, form, and functional relays will fully satisfy the physical, electrical, mechanical, and environmental performance requirements of the original device and allow the military or other user to keep aging aircraft flying and systems operational.

Many of the electro-mechanical relays supplied by DARE are designed to meet the stringent requirements of MIL-R-6106 (now MIL-PRF-6106) and MIL-R-5757 and perform under the severe environmental requirements of aerospace or military usage, and several of DARE’s electromechanical relays are listed on the Qualified Products List (QPL) for MIL-PRF-6106. These relays include: AN3306-2 and MS25917-1.

If you have a need for a custom mil-spec electromechanical relay or would like more information, contact a sales engineer.