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Awards and Recognition

DARE is the proud recipient of numerous awards and recognition and strives to maintain its reputation for 100% Quality and On-Time Delivery.


Gold Excellence Awards

Prior to DLA Land & Maritime discontinuing the program, DARE Electronics, Inc. was the honored recipient of eleven (11) consecutive Defense Logistics' Agencies Gold Excellence awards. These prestigious awards recognize companies that have maintained a 100% perfect on-time delivery and quality rating for each of the past twelve consecutive months.

DARE’s unprecedented history of Gold awards began in 2003 when the Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR) presented DARE with its Best Value Gold Medalist Award. It was followed each of the next ten years by the Defense Supply Center Columbus' (now DLA Land and Maritime's) Recognition for Excellence Gold Awards.


DLA Business Alliance Awards

Further, the Company was also honored to receive an unprecedented four (4) awards from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) in Fort Belvoir, VA before DLA headquarters discontinued the program as well. Two separate awards recognized DARE for Vendor Excellence while one recognized DARE for its Outstanding Readiness Support and another for its Innovative Business Practices. DARE Electronics, Inc. gratefully thanks and acknowledges the Department of Defense and the Defense Logistics Agencies for the recognition and awards and all DARE’s employees for their unparalleled commitment to 100% on-time delivery, quality, and customer service.


Boeing Performance Excellence Awards

Moreover, DARE Electronics is also the proud recipient of a Boeing Gold Performance Excellence Award and two Boeing Silver Performance Excellence Awards. The Boeing Company issues the awards annually to suppliers who have achieved superior performance and delivered a minimum number of items. DARE earned the awards by maintaining a 100% Gold on-time / quality rating and a 100% on-time / 99.8% Silver quality rating with Boeing for each of the various 12-month performance periods.


MIL-PRF-6106 Facility Approval

The Company is also pleased to have facility approval to manufacture relays in accordance with MIL-PRF-6106 (formerly MIL-R-6106). In order to receive QPL approval, the Company had to undergo an audit of its facilities and demonstrate it had a well-documented quality system. Although the Company had more than 30 years experience in the relay industry, the Company had not sought QPL approval to manufacture relays until 2005. Approval to manufacture relays in accordance with MIL-PRF-6106 allows the Company to better meet the needs of its customers and demonstrates the Company's products meet demanding military and aerospace standards.


SPC Certification

In addition, Lockheed Martin granted DARE SPC Certification in 1999 based upon an audit of the Company's statistical process control (SPC) program, facilities, and quality system. Moreover, Lockheed Martin subsequently recognized DARE as a Quality Select Supplier based on its 100% on-time delivery and quality performance and delegated product acceptance authority to DARE Electronics. As a result, parts can go direct from DARE Electronics to Lockheed Martin - saving the customer time & money.