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Relay and Sensor Part Numbers

With more than 30 years in business, DARE Electronics has more than a thousand different part numbers. Listed below are just some of the part numbers we have supplied. The list is not all-inclusive. If there is a particular part number you are interested in, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

Further, if you do not know the part number you need but can furnish some general information about your requirements, please contact us. We can suggest some similar parts that may work in your application and provide a new part number for your use, as nearly all of DARE’s part numbers are unique and proprietary and assigned to a particular customer and / or application.

95908-10 95908-39 95908-44 AE101-001-99 AE101-002-99 AE101-004-99
AE101-006-99 AE101-012-99 AE101-017-99 AE101-020-99 AE101-021-99 AE102-001-99
AE102-002-99 AE102-003-99 AE102-004-99 AE103-001-99 AE103-003-99 AE103-004-99
AE103-013-99 AE104-001-99 AE104-002-99 AE104-003-99 AE104-004-99 AE104-005-99
AE104-007-99 AE104-008-99 AE104-011-99 AE104-022-99 AE104-027-99 AE105-001-99
AE106-001-99 AE106-002-99 AE106-005-99 AE106-007-99 AE106-009-99 AE106-010-99
AE107-001-99 AE107-002-99 AE107-003-99 AE107-004-99 AE107-007-99 AE107-008-99
AE107-010-99 AE107-011-99 AE107-013-99 AE107-015-99 AE107-018-99 AE107-020-99
AE107-021-99 AE107-023-99 AE107-025-99 AE107-026-99 AE107-027-99 AE107-028-99
AE107-030-99 AE107-038-99 AE107-040-99 AE108-006-99 AE108-007-99 AE108-010-99
AE110-002-99 AE110-004-99 AE110-007-99 AE110-010-99 AE111-001-99 AE111-002-99
AE111-006-99 AE111-006-99 AE112-001-99 AE113-001-99 AE113-003-99 AE113-004-99
AE113-005-99 AE113-006-99 AE113-011-99 AE113-018-99 AE113-020-99 AE113-023-99
AE114-001-99 AE114-003-99 AE115-001-99 AE115-002-99 AE115-003-99 AE115-004-99
AE115-005-99 AE115-006-99 AE115-008-99 AE115-009-99 AE115-010-99 AE115-011-99
AE115-013-99 AE115-014-99 AE115-015-99 AE115-019-99 AE116-001-99 AE116-004-99
AE116-005-99 AE116-015-99 AE116-022-99 AE116-023-99 AE117-001-99 AE117-002-99
AE117-002-99 AE117-003-99 AE117-005-99 AE117-010-99 AE117-012-99 AE117-013-99
AE117-015-99 AE117-017-99 AE117-023-99 AE117-024-99 AE117-028-99 AE117-029-99
AE117-031-99 AE118-001-99 AE118-008-99 AE118-019-99 AE118-021-99 AE121-005-99
AE121-006-99 AE122-002-99 AE123-001-99 AE123-004-99 AE123-005-99 AE123-006-99
AE123-009-99 AE123-011-99 AE123-013-99 AE124-001-99 AE124-002-99 AE124-003-99
AE124-004-99 AE125-065-99 AE125-071-99 AE125-073-99 AE125-077-99 AE125-079-99
AE125-089-99 AE125-601-99 AE126-001-99 AE126-002-99 AE127-001-99 AE127-002-99
AE127-003-99 AE127-005-99 AE127-006-99 AE127-007-99 AE127-008-99 AE128-001-99
AE129-002-99 AE129-004-99 AE129-005-99 AE131-002-99 AE131-003-99 AE131-005-99
AE131-006-99 AE131-007-99 AE131-009-99 AE131-010-99 AE131-015-99 AE132-001-99
AE132-003-99 AE133-001-99 AE133-002-99 AE133-004-99 AE133-005-99 AE133-013-99
AE133-014-99 AE134-001-99 AE134-002-99 AE134-003-99 AE134-005-99 AE134-008-99
AE135-001-99 AE135-003-99 AE136-001-99 AE137-001-99 AE139-001-99 AE139-005-99
AE139-006-99 AE139-007-99 AE140-006-99 AE142-001-99 AE142-002-99 AE142-005-99
AE144-001-99 AE144-002-99 AE144-003-99 AE144-006-99 AE144-007-99 AE144-009-99
AE144-011-99 AE144-012-99 AE147-003-99 AE147-009-99 AE148-001-99 AE148-002-99
AE149-010-99 AE149-015-99 AE149-016-99 AE149-021-99 AE151-002-99 AE151-006-99
AE151-008-99 AE151-011-99 AE151-012-99 AE151-013-99 AE151-018-99 AE152-001-99
AE152-004-99 AE152-007-99 AE154-001-99 AE154-002-99 AE155-001-99 AE155-006-99
AE155-008-99 AE155-010-99 AE155-012-99 AE155-018-99 AE157-001-99 AE157-003-99
C1016-16 C1403-21 C1406-10 C1408 C1417-36 C1419-13
C1419-2 C1421-1 C1431-11 C1433-54 C1433-99 F1-52
F2-50 F2-51

In addition, if you have a need for a relay, timer, sensor or monitor that may have been manufactured by Communication Instruments Inc. (CII) or Hartman Electrical Manufacturing (now part of Tyco), Leach, or Logitek (now North Atlantic Industries Inc.), please contact us. We can cross-reference many CII, Hartman, Leach, and Logitek part numbers to DARE part numbers.