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Custom Designed Products


Over the years, DARE has custom designed anti-ice timers, windshield heat controllers, control boxes, electrical test sets, & many other custom products. With nearly 30 years experience, DARE’s engineering and manufacturing expertise covers all levels of product development.

Whether you need a product designed to replace an old, obsolete, or discontinued device, a product manufactured to a particular set of drawings or specifications, or a product designed to meet a specific requirement, DARE Electronics can meet your needs.

Our custom designed specialty products include:

  • Ammunition Rounds Counters

  • Audio Bridging Transformers

  • Capacitor Modules

  • Control Boxes

  • Electric Propeller Ice Control Devices

  • Electrical Test Sets

  • Extender Cards

  • Filters

  • Ignition Relays

  • Impedence Matching Panels

  • Motor Driven Timer Equivalents

  • Pitot Current Heat Sensors

  • Power Supplies

  • Resistor Networks

  • Signal Clearing Devices

  • Timer Assemblies

  • Windshield Anti-Ice Controllers

  • Windshield Heat Control Boxes

Moreover, these products can be designed to meet the most demanding environmental requirements.

With nearly 30 years experience supplying parts for use on systems such as the F/A-18, C-130, UH-60, Sidewinder, and Minuteman, DARE Electronics can custom design and / or manufacture a wide variety of high-reliability products to meet your needs.

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