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Oct 2023 - Sequencing Relay

A large OEM contacted DARE to design a load-limiting relay that would manage the load distribution for multiple computer systems. To limit the load and stagger the in-rush current, DARE designed a unique sequencing relay that contains three independent “Delay on Pull In” time delay relays rated for 20 Amps at 115 VAC. Upon application of 115 VRMS 60 Hz power, the three relays will sequentially energize until all relay contacts transfer. The relay contacts will remain energized until coil power is removed. The contacts then reset and the unit is ready to perform another cycle. The number of relays and length of time delay can be custom set for any particular application where there is a need to distribute and control loads from multiple sources, and the load-limiting relay can be packaged in a variety of enclosures to meet each applications’ requirements.

Jul 2023 - AC Powered, DC Voltage Monitor VDA622


DARE announces approval of another new replacement for an obsolete Logitek Type VDA 50/60/400 Hz A.C. Powered D.C. Voltage Monitor series of relays. This particular product replaced a North Atlantic Industries / Logitek VDA622 part, which was part of the North Atlantic Industries (Logitek) family of Model VDA - Voltage Monitors. With AC operating power applied, DC signal voltage is connected to the designated terminals. When the DC signal voltage is within the specified normal band the relay is energized. If the voltage goes outside the normal range, the output relay de-energizes and remains de-energized until the voltage returns to normal.

Dec 2022 - 220 VRMS Power Monitor


DARE has designed and manufactured a replacement for another Leach voltage sensor, Leach part number VS584B. What distinguishes this monitor from others is its adaptation to work with 220 VRMS 50 Hz 3‐phase power versus other voltage sensors that more typically work with 60 Hz 115 VRMS. Additionally, this item was designed to meet MIL‐R‐ 28894/4 requirements and monitor all the power in a radar. When it detects an out of spec voltage, phase, or frequency, it turns off a contactor shutting the power off to the rest of the radar.

Nov 2022 – Jerrold V. Kendall, Founder


It is with profound sadness that DARE Electronics, Inc. announces the passing of its founder, Jerrold (Jerry) Kendall. Jerry started DARE Electronics, Inc. (formerly Argent Electronics) in 1976. He was an entrepreneur having started several businesses. Prior to starting DARE, Jerry worked for U.S. Relay, which became Leach Relay, Deutsch Relay, and AMF Electro-Systems. Jerry was also a pioneer in owning one of the first personal computers, a TRS-80, and was very proficient in computer programming along with being a mechanical engineer and business owner. Following his retirement in 1996, Jerry was proud to turn over the reins of DARE Electronics to his daughter, Karen Beagle, who continues her father’s tradition of leading the company with the support of an outstanding team of individuals. Jerry’s impact on the business will always remain, and the entire company thanks him for having taken the risk to start his own company, which has become a leading designer and manufacturer of custom electronic sensing & control devices.

Jun 2022 - Phase Sensor


This unique phase sequence relay was designed to replace an obsolete relay previously manufactured by Applied Electro Technology. Utilizing a 3PST, 10 Amp motor load output contactor, this phase monitor will close only when the phase sequence is A‐B‐C and 28 Volts DC is applied. The contacts will open if the phase sequence is A‐C‐B, one or more phases are disconnected or grounded, or 28 VDC is removed.

Aug 2021 - Hi-G / CII 1600 Series Timer


A major defense OEM has placed an order for a 28 VDC time delay relay to replace Hi‐G Co Inc. part number 1600‐X2211. This Hi‐G part was just one of the many 1600 series of parts manufactured by Hi‐G and subsequently Communication Instruments (CII) until the line was discontinued. This unique timer has a 200 second delay on operate with a 10‐second reset/recycle delay wherein the unit must be de‐energized for 10 seconds to reset the 200 second delay.

Dec 2020 - M24021-4 Alternate Item


To help a customer that wanted to control a B‐429CA contactor, DARE modified one of its external aircraft power monitors to meet their requirements. This external power monitor is functionally equivalent to part number M24021‐4 and senses the output characteristics of the 115/208 VAC 3‐Phase 400 Hz ground power source and determines acceptability IAW Mil‐STD‐704. The power monitor is designed for installation in an aircraft and protects the aircraft’s AC distribution system & equipment from over or under voltage or frequency and improper phase rotation.

Nov 2020 - True Delay on Drop‐Out Relay

A major energy supplier requested DARE design a new Solid‐State” True” Time Delay on Release Relay. The Relay operates immediately upon application of input voltage. The contacts of the relay will transfer to the energized position when power is applied to the input of the relay. What’s unique about this relay is the adjustable time delay period is initiated when power is removed from the relay. The contacts of the relay remain in the energized position and will switch to the unenergized position when the time delay has completed. If power is reapplied to the relay before the time delay has completed, the contacts of the relay will remain energized and the time delay will reset.

Oct 2020 - AC Power Monitor

To help solve an obsolescence DMS (diminishing manufacturing source) issue that occurs frequently with electronic parts in the military / aerospace market, a multinational company came to DARE for a replacement of a Model PMA/PQA, AC Powered 50/60/400 Hz Single / Three Phase Power Monitor. Type PMA/PQA series power monitors were previously supplied by cage 0VGU1 (formerly 15420) and are used to monitor voltage, frequency, and phase characteristics of single or three‐ phase power lines allowing normal operation of system loads when the power is within predetermined limits.

Aug 2020 - Protection Relay


In order to help protect a major military contractor’s sensitive equipment from an over voltage situation, DARE worked closely with the customer to design and manufacture a new voltage sensor that senses 0 – 50 VDC and trips on/off at 18 VDC. It’s packaged in a bracket‐mounted enclosure with a solder‐hook connector but can be provided in variety of other package styles.

Jun 2020 - MIL‐STD‐704 DC Voltage Sensor

Based on an aerospace OEM’s need for a MIL‐STD‐704 DC Voltage Sensor, DARE created a unique 28 VDC over‐voltage protection relay to be used with flight line test equipment. This particular Overvoltage Relay contains a solid‐state sensor with an electromechanical output that will energize whenever the voltage exceeds 31.5 VDC and which will remain energized until the voltage falls below the specified overvoltage trip point.

Mar 2020 - M24021‐3 Replacement


A business aviation jet manufacturer requested an M24021‐3 power monitor for flight design consideration. Since their requirements did not actually dictate the need for a QPL monitor, DARE worked with the engineer to provide a non‐QPL alternate that would power their instrument systems using a 115 VAC, 400 Hz, 3 phase ground power unit. This replacement power monitor allowed the customer to ensure the power from the GPUs was “clean”, since the GPUs in remote locations can be very old.

Jan 2020 - One‐Shot Interval Timer

DARE has released a new 115 VAC interval (one shot) timer that energizes immediately and remains energized for the specified interval and then de‐energizes at the conclusion of the interval time. What’s unique is this is an adjustable interval timer that can be set by means of an external timing resistor between select pins.

Dec 2019 - Solid‐State, High‐ Voltage DC Monitor


This unusual DC Voltage sensor is actually a solid‐state DC undervoltage monitor that has two outputs: a set of electromechanical relay contacts and a fast‐acting transistor switch connected to 24 VDC “ground”. The unit monitors a nominal 350 VDC with an adjustable under voltage trip point and is powered by an external 24 VDC supply. It requires an external reset switch to operate as requested by the customer.

Dec 2019 - Logitek DIA Equivalent


This Delay on Pull‐In Timer, which replaces a Logitek Type DIA Delay on Pull‐In AC Powered Time Delay Relay, features an extraordinarily long duration, 30‐minute, time delay. Other models can be customized for delays from seconds to hours and set to operate off 115 VRMS 50/60/400 Hz power with 2‐amp or 10‐amp contacts, and a bracket‐mounted or weld‐stud mounted enclosure.

Nov 2019 - Leach TDH Replacement


DARE announces another new time delay relay. This part, which replaces Leach part number TDH‐1831‐1001, is just one of the numerous time delay relays that can be manufactured as replacements for the obsolete Time Delay on Release, Positive Control, 10 Amp, 4PDT, Sealed relays that were offered by Leach as part of their TDH‐1831 series of relays. Contact DARE to learn more.

Aug 2019 - Aircraft Flasher


DARE designed and manufactured this robust aircraft flasher to have a solid‐state circuit with 3PST electro‐mechanical output relay contacts. It controls 6‐LED warning lights with a nominal input voltage of 28 VDC and an operating voltage of 18 – 32 VDC. Environmentally, it is rated for 10 G’s vibration 10 – 2000 Hz and will operate from – 40° to 85° C with a storage temperature of – 65° to 125° C.

Jul 2019 – Synchronizing Relay

A customer recently came to DARE seeking a replacement for an obsolete 0-24 VAC input, SPST output, adjustable setpoint GE synchronizing relay. DARE worked with the customer to design a unique replacement for GE part number 3300A03B0907. This new relay is powered by a continuous 115 VAC – 60 Hz signal and features an adjustable trip point allowing for maximum usability. More importantly though, this device has given the customer a much-needed source for a critical spare part.

Apr 2019 - AC Powered, DC Voltage Monitor VDA 612 Replacement


DARE launches its first A.C. powered, D.C voltage monitor which replaces Logitek part number VDA612J(8/20)(.25/.25)115I. This sensor, which is the first replacement for a Logitek D.C. Voltage Monitor, Type VDA, AC Powered 50/60/400 Hz relay, is designed primarily to provide an alarm or power disconnect when voltage is beyond pre-determined levels. The unit may operate a power disconnect contactor or provide a signal voltage to a control panel warning light and is designed so normal transients do not falsely trigger alarms or cause system shut downs.

Jan 2019 – 4PDT Relay


DARE announces a line of 4-pole double throw hermetically sealed relays. Originally designed as a replacement for a Struthers Dunn FC-400 series part, the relays are similar to MS25271, MS25919, MS25468, M5757/18 relays and are available with standard coil voltages of 6, 12, 28, 48 & 110 VDC or 115 VAC 60/400 Hz with 5, 10, or 15-amp contacts. The relays may also be used to replace Leach 9224, 9225, or 9525 series parts as well.

Dec 2018 – Relay Assembly

Based on a requirement from the U.S. Air Force to replace an obsolete Ohmite telephone type relay, DARE designed a custom relay assembly with a unique mounting pad making the new relay a fit, form and functional equivalent to the original relay. This relay adds to the list of other telephone type relays that DARE has supplied in the past as replacements for Airpax 55 and 57 series relays and replacements for Magnecraft Class 11, 22 & 66 telephone type relays.

Jun 2018 – Armature Relay

Based on a requirement from the U.S. Navy to replace an obsolete Allied Control MH series relay, DARE designed a relay with a 115VAC coil, DPDT contacts, and a custom miniature octal plug header which mates with an Armel Electronics HRW series sockets. This item was supplied to and approved by the Navy as an acceptable replacement to the original Allied Control Relay and is part of series of Allied Control replacements that DARE can manufacture.

Apr 2018 – DC Current Sensor


DARE worked with a large aerospace company to design and manufacture a DC current sensor which would be used in military helicopters to monitor current in an anti-icing heater in the aircraft’s pitot tube. The sensor is capable of sensing up to 7.5 amps at 28 VDC. The sensor’s contacts will pull-in if the heater current is above 1 amp and drop out if the current falls below 1 amp. The unit is designed to meet the applicable requirements of RTCA/DO-160.

Mar 2018 – Over/Under Voltage Sensor

As part of DARE’s vast array of voltage sensors, DARE announces the release of another new DC voltage sensor. Used to monitor nominal 28 VDC in accordance with MIL-STD-704, this particular over/under voltage sensor will trip if the voltage rises above or falls below or exceeds the specified band width. While this particular unit has DPDT output contacts rated at 5 amp – 28VDC, DARE can supply a wide variety of both AC and DC voltage sensors to meet any customer’s unique needs.

Feb 2018 – Under Frequency Relay


A large energy company contacted DARE to design a under frequency relay to be a fit, form, and functional replacement for an obsolete ASCO Control model 214A156 frequency monitor. The Under-Frequency monitor is designed to monitor a nominal 240 VAC – 60 Hz input power. The output relay will energize if the input frequency is above 55 Hz and deenergize if the frequency drops below 55 Hz. The frequency monitor has a drop out time delay, adjustable from 0.06 to 0.5 seconds, which allows the monitor to ignore short duration frequency dips.

Oct 2017 – Relay, Interval Timer

A designer of defense and aviation related systems requested a custom adjustable interval timer be designed for an airborne application. Upon application of nominal 28 VDC input power, the output contacts of this interval timer will immediately energize and remain energized for the specified interval time, which is adjustable from an external timing resistor. The time delay relay is hermetically sealed and encapsulated and will withstand 15g’s-2000hz vibration and 25g’s-11ms shock.

Sep 2017 – Interval Timer


Based on a requirement from the US Navy to replace an obsolete Logitek relay, DARE designed a 28 VDC DPDT “one-shot” interval timer with 2-amp contacts and an externally adjustable output pulse that can be adjusted from 1 - 300 seconds. The new timer is fit, form, and functionally equivalent to the original Logitek part, part number 600-249, which was part of the Logitek type DO family or series of part numbers.

Jan 2017 – Single-Shot, Solid-State Time Delay Relay


DARE’s new single-shot, solid-state time delay relay was designed for a specific customer who needed a relay’s contacts to close on the rising edge of an input signal and remain closed for a specific amount of time and then reset. The relay has a 0.10 - 5.0 second externally adjustable output pulse, 28 VDC input, and SPDT 5- amp contacts and can operate from -55°C to 125°C.

May 2016 – Solid State Relay


A solid-state, opto-isolator coupled triac output, zero-voltage turn-on relay has been designed and manufactured to meet the general requirements of MIL-R-28750 for use in a military application. This custom opto-isolated solid-state relay has an input operating voltage of 0 - 32 VDC with an output rating of 24 - 280 Volts AC and maximum rated current of 3.0 amperes and is p.c. board mountable.

Feb 2016 – 6PDT Relay


DARE announces the release of a new 6PDT relay to replace one of Allied Controls Inc. MH type relays. This relay, manufactured for a large business aviation company, was designed to be a fit, form and functional replacement to the existing Allied Control relay in order to minimize design changes for the customer. The relay incorporates a 26.5 VDC coil while fitting into the existing socket, Armel Electronics socket p/n HRS-6JV2, and meets the requirements of MIL-R-5757/1.

Sep 2015 – Current Sensors


DARE worked with a leading provider of electrical systems for the military to design two RTCA/DO-160 approved current sensors that are used in a pitot static system to detect if the heaters are pulling current. One current sensor has an operating range of 0 - 25 AMPS @ 400Hz with a maximum pull-in current of 5 amps and a minimum drop out current of 1.25 AMPS. The other current sensor has an operating range of 0 - 7.5 AMPS @ 400 hz with a maximum pull-in current of 1.0 AMP and a minimum drop out current of 0.25 AMPS.

Aug 2015 – M83726 Time Delay Relay


DARE now offers a hermetically sealed 3-pole time delay relay. This relay, originally designed to be a functional replacement for Missile Command Specification MIS-28670-1 and M83726/3-021 relays, features a 115 VAC coil with a time delay on operate, 10 AMP contacts, and a solder-hook header. Other versions of this timer are available with a variety of other AC and DC coil voltages, contact ratings, time delay settings, and an optional circular connector.

May 2015 – Single-Phase & Three-Phase Voltage Sensors


Based on a need from a large defense contractor, DARE re-designed two Under / Over voltage sensing relays that would monitor a 115 VAC / 60 HZ power line for out of tolerance conditions. One is a single-phase (1Ø) under/over voltage sensor and the other is a three-phase (3Ø) over/under voltage sensor. Both units have two (2) time delay trip points – a short one for a 20% out-of-band voltage condition and a longer one for only a 10% out-of-band voltage condition. Further, both voltage detectors are hermetically sealed and encapsulated for shock and vibration immunity in order to meet the customer demands.

Feb 2015 – Externally-Adjustable Dual Timer


DARE has designed an externally-adjustable, dual timer assembly for use in a special Navy application. This unique dual timer assembly utilizes two external timing resistors to control both a delay-on operate timer and a delay-off timer. The dual timers are contained in one package and operate on 28 VDC. Unlimited other mil-qualified timers are also available in a choice of enclosures.

Oct 2014 – Pitot Heat Control Monitor / Current Sensor

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DARE announces the qualification approval of two new DC current sensors in accordance with RTCA/DO-160 for use in airborne applications. The first current sensor functions as a pitot heater failure monitor and is capable of sensing 0 – 7.5 amps at 28 VDC with a trip point of 2 amps DC. The other model is used as a DC current switch to monitor the current in an oil cooler motor. It is capable of sensing 0 – 30 amps at 28 VDC with a trip point of 10 amps DC. DARE can supply numerous other pitot heat control monitors or current sensors in 28 VDC or 400 Hz AC models which have been tested in accordance with RTCA/DO-160, MIL-STD-202, or MIL-STD-810. These sensors are available in a wide-variety of standard or custom enclosures and can be modified to incorporate time delay functions, over/under current detecting, and frequency and/or voltage monitoring features as well.

Aug 2014 – Relay Control Box / Assembly


Based on a need from the Navy and Defense Logistics Agency, DARE created part numbers AE149-025-99 and AE149-029-99. Part numbers AE149-025-99 and AE149-029-99 consist of a number of relays mounted in a M24142/6-001 enclosure which is designed to withstand MIL-S-901 high shock in accordance with MIL-I-983.

Jul 2014 – Boeing Silver Excellence Award


For the third time, The Boeing Company has recognized DARE Electronics for its outstanding performance and awarded DARE the Boeing Silver Performance Excellence Award. The Silver Excellence award was given to suppliers who achieved superior performance for the 12 months ending September 30, 2013. Previously, DARE was the winner of the 2012 Silver Excellence award and 2008 Gold Excellence award.

Jun 2014 - MR4SW1AFPHS / MIL-I-16103 Replacement


DARE has recently designed and manufactured a replacement for a panel mounted, switchboard phase sequence indictor. DARE part number AE116-038-99 replaces part number MR4SW1AFPHS which was supplied in accordance with MIL-I-16103. Similarly, DARE part number AE116-027-99 has also been released as a replacement for part number MR4SW4ACPHS.

Dec 2013 – 11th Gold Excellence Award


DARE was recently honored by DLA Land & Maritime as one of the government’s best suppliers at an award ceremony held November 15, 2013 at the Defense Supply Center Columbus. Ms. Karen Beagle, President of DARE Electronics, Inc. accepted the Company’s 11th Gold Excellence award from DLA Rear Adm. David R. Pimpo.

Jul 2013 – 28 VDC, 3-Terminal Flasher


Based on a U.S. Air Force need for an upgraded replacement for a flasher, DARE created this 3-terminal, bracket mounted flasher which contains a fully protected solid-state switch between the “28 VDC” and “output” terminals. Designed to withstand the requirements of MIL-STD-810 this flasher is available in various enclosures as desired to meet customers’ needs.

Oct 2012 – Successful Completion of Quality Audits

The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) recently completed an audit of DARE’s quality system finding DARE’s quality program was effective and in compliance with MIL-I-45208. This report follows previous surveys by various OEM’s that have found DARE’s quality system in compliance with or approved to AS9100.

Sep 2012 – Automatic “shut off” relay


DARE’s new automatic “shut off” relay is designed to limit the “on” time of the relay’s output contacts. This new automatic max “on” timer can be used to automatically turn off lights or equipment that may be inadvertently left on. Operation is controlled by a SPST “control switch”. When the control switch is closed the output contacts energize. When the control switch is open the contacts de-energize. If the control switch is left in the closed position for longer than the factory set maximum on time, the contacts will automatically de-energize. The time delay can be factory set from seconds to hours with SPST to 6PDT contacts available in 2, 5, 10 and 25 amps.

Aug 2012 – 10th Gold Excellence Award


The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Land & Maritime recognized DARE Electronics as one of only 37 companies to achieve a Gold supplier rating for 2011. This award, presented annually, recognizes suppliers who have delivered more than 50 line-items with a perfect score of 100% in terms of quality and delivery for the past 12 months.

Apr 2012 – Socket Mount, Time Delay Relay


A new socket mounted line of time delay relays has just been released. Designed as replacements for various Leach TDH type, Scientific Technologies (formerly Applied Electro Technology) and MIL-PRF-83726 type time delay relays, DARE’s new socket mount time delay relays mate with military MIL-DTL-12883/40, MS25328-4, MS25462-1 sockets and Amphenol Pcd sockets RSN116890, RSN116891, and RSL116079.

March 2012 - New Passive Assemblies Product Line


DARE Electronics has successfully launched a new passive assemblies product line of Capacitor Assemblies and Resistor Impedance Network Panels. These passive assemblies are used in a variety of aircraft applications to eliminate labor intensive operations, simplify troubleshooting, and reduce costs. The passive assemblies replace individual passive components terminated or soldered in multiple locations throughout an aircraft or helicopter eliminating a "rat's nest" of wires, centralizing the location of all the components, and reducing the possibility of "wire chafing".

December 2011 - Successful Completion of Quality Audits

During the past year, DARE successfully passed numerous domestic and international aerospace OEM quality audits and surveys receiving top scores from each OEM for DARE's MIL-I-45208A ISO-9001 based quality system and 100% on-time, quality rating. Ensuring DARE's products and quality system conform to all customer requirements and aerospace industry standards allows DARE to maintain its unprecedented quality ratings while DARE strives to consistently meet customers' quality expectations and keep products affordable.

October 2011 - DLA "Gold" Excellence Award


DARE Electronics was recently honored by DLA Land and Maritime, Columbus Ohio as one of the government's best suppliers and awarded a Gold Excellence Award for its 100% on-time quality and delivery rating the prior year. DARE was one of only 36 gold award winners out of more than 7,000 DLA vendors and was grateful for the recognition and honor. DARE attributes its long history of award winning performance to its outstanding, dedicated team of employees who are committed to excellence.

September 2011 - Mil-Grade Relays With Screw Terminals


DARE Electronics new 3 Pole 5 Amp MIL-SPEC Relay requires NO soldering and is equivalent to Military Standard AN3335-1. DARE's custom designed form, fit, functional equivalent utilizes modern technology and offers large screw terminals for discerning customers who prefer units that require alternative connection methods to soldering. Additional models are available with ratings up to 25 Amps. Contact a DARE Sales Engineer for more details.

June 2011 - New Industries Served


Customers from a variety of industries, including electric power companies, rail transit, mining, unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV), and NASA have recently used an array of custom-designed time delay relays, power monitors, dual-band frequency sensors, watchdog timers, and voltage sensors in their applications. In each case, DARE worked closely with the user to custom design or modify an existing unit and provide a device tailored to each customer's unique requirements.

August 2010 - DLA Vendor Excellence Award


The Defense Logistics Agency announced that DARE Electronics is the recipient of their top level Business Alliance Award, the DLA Vendor Excellence Award. This is the 4th time that DARE has received the most prestigious DLA Business Alliance Award, which is presented annually to a business that displays superior quality, on-time delivery, and customer service. DARE is proud of its ability and commitment to serve the military and aerospace industries.

October 2009 - DLA Excellence "Gold" Award

At the 2009 Defense Land & Maritime Supply Chain Business Conference, DARE was recognized for the 7th consecutive year for its 100% on-time delivery and quality rating receiving DLA's Land and Maritime Recognition for Excellence Gold Award. DARE's award was based on its 100% performance rating through the DLA Automated Best Value System (ABVS) which collects vendor past performance data and translates the data into numeric scores. DARE's personnel take great pride in delivering the military forces with 100% on-time, quality, high-reliability products.

April 2009 - Current Sensor Assemblies


DARE offers a series of current sensors available in multiple styles and configurations suited for each customer's specific application. For example, one of DARE's customers uses an AC current sensor as an anti-icing heater, a flight critical application, to sense the presence of current flow and alert pilots to a fault condition. If you have a critical application and need a high-reliability custom current sensor, contact a DARE Sales Engineer for more details.

February 2009 - Boeing "Gold" Performance Award


The Boeing Company announced that DARE Electronics has received a 2008 Gold Boeing Performance Excellence Award. The Boeing Company issues the award annually to recognize suppliers who have achieved superior performance. DARE Electronics was one of only 86 suppliers to receive the Gold level of recognition. DARE earned the award by maintaining a Gold composite performance rating for each month of the 12-month performance period beginning Oct. 1, 2007 and ending Sept. 30, 2008.

January 2009 - DLA Vendor Excellence Award

The Defense Logistics Agency, Fort Belvoir, Virginia announced that DARE Electronics is the recipient of the most prestigious DLA Vendor Excellence Award. The award, presented annually to a business that displays superior quality, on-time delivery, and customer service, is based on DARE’s unprecedented six consecutive years of 100% on-time / quality deliveries and DARE’s exemplary commitment to serving the military and aerospace industry.

December 2008 - Readily Available Leach Replacements


DARE launches a new line of AC Power Monitors, DC Voltage Sensors, AC Under or Over Voltage Sensors, Frequency Sensors, and Phase Sequence Sensors that are fully interchangeable with Leach International’s V610, V110, V210, V310, F410, and P510 series relays and readily available. Select from a variety of standard or custom specifications, including typical AC input ranges of 90 – 150 VRMS, 160 – 240 VRMS, 40 – 480 Hz, 3-phase 4 wire, DC ranges of 18 – 32 VDC or 19.5 – 30 VDC, and output contacts of 2 PDT, 3 PDT, 4 PDT 10 Amps. Contact a sales engineer for more information.

November 2008 - Parko Electronics

Following the announcement that Parko Electronics would be going out of business, DARE Electronics contacted Parko Electronics, previously located in Santa Ana, California, regarding the acquisition of Parko Electronics. Customers of Parko Electronics should rest assured that DARE can cross-reference and manufacture many items previously supplied by Parko Electronics, including Parko’s power monitors, electromagnetic relays, phase sequence indicators, and phase monitors.

October 2008 - Potter & Brumfield & MIDTEX Replacements


A new line of time delay relays, solid-state recycle timers, phase sequence sensors, voltage sensors, and frequency sensors has been launched as replacements for obsolete Potter & Brumfield (P&B) CD, CG, CH, CK, CU, CL, CR, CS, CPS, and CZ series relays. The relays feature fixed and adjustable delays (resistor or knob adjustable) with delays on operate or release, transient & polarity protection, and over/under voltage and over or under frequency sensing capabilities with optional phase-reversal or loss-of-phase monitoring. In addition, the new line of relays can replace obsolete Midtex type 612, 613, 614, 715, 753, 754 time delay relays, voltage sensors, or phase sensors.

August 2008 - DSCC "Gold" Excellence Award

For the sixth consecutive year, one of the Defense Logistics Agencies recognized DARE Electronics for its 100% on-time quality and delivery record by awarding DARE Electronics DSCC's Gold Excellence Award. DARE is proud of its reputation for quality and on-time delivery and the role it plays in supporting the men and women in our armed forces who defend our shores and freedom around the world.

June 2008 - Transient Suppression Safety Relays


DARE introduces a new line of Transient Suppression Safety Relays or 3-phase 480 VAC Contactor Arc Suppressors that protect customers from transients generated by high-voltage / high-current contactors. The relays or contactor arc suppressors will operate in severe environmental conditions and meet the requirements of most military applications. In addition, the transient suppression relays are available in variety of package configurations.

March 2008 - DLA Vendor Excellence Award


Last month at a ceremony at the Defense Logistics Agency headquarters, Fort Belvoir, VA, DARE Electronics was honored to receive a Vendor Excellence Award for its Innovative Business Practices. This is the second time DLA has recognized DARE for its superior quality, on-time delivery, customer service, and reliability having previously recognized DARE for its Outstanding Readiness Support in January 2006.

February 2008 - New QPL Relays


Following qualification testing, the Defense Supply Center Columbus approved DARE Electronics part number AE108-023-99 (government designation M5757/7-001) for listing on QPL 5757. In addition, DARE has also been granted qualification for its part number AE108-022-99 (M5757/1-027) under QPL 5757. QPL 5757 and MIL-R-5757 cover the general performance requirements for electrical relays with contact ratings up to and including 10 amperes for use in electronic, communications, and other applications.

Aug 2007 - DSCC "Gold" Excellence Award

For the fifth consecutive year, one of the Defense Logistics Agencies recognized DARE Electronics for their 100% on-time quality and delivery record and awarded DARE Electronics DSCC's Gold Excellence Award. DARE is proud of their reputation for quality and on-time delivery and the role they play in supporting the men and women in our armed forces who defend our shores and freedom around the world.

May 2007 - Watchdog Timers


DARE Electronics just completed design work on a solid-state watchdog timer for FAA-certified aircraft usage. The solid-state watchdog timer operates on 28Vdc and monitors a 1 Hz square wave input that switches between 28 Vdc and open circuit. The watchdog time delay relay will turn on an aircraft instrument panel light if the watchdog 1 Hz square wave output stops toggling. If you would like more information on DARE's new watchdog time delay relay or need technical assistance on another product, such as a flasher; power monitor; voltage, phase, frequency or current sensor, contact a sales engineer.

April 2007 - New 270 VDC Relay


DARE Electronics announces the release of a new 270 VDC relay. DARE's new 270 VDC relay is available in a socket mount package and mates with part number MS25328-4. Designed with 10 amp contacts, DARE's 270 VDC relay is rated for -55ºC to 125ºC. Contact a sales engineer for more information.

July 2006 - New Voltage Detector


DARE announces the release of a new high-reliability voltage detector that will perform a variety of critical functions in systems such as the F-16’s armaments circuit preload test set. These functions include testing for the presence of voltages and stray voltages, performing an electro explosive device and adapter test, and self-testing the internal battery. Using off-the-shelf, mil-spec components, DARE’s voltage detector provides a cost-effective timely solution to the more expensive and long lead times associated with other voltage detectors while being fully fit, form, and functionally interchangeable with existing items.

March 2006 - QPL Approval

DARE Electronics, Inc. part number AE108-021-99 was approved for listing as a source of supply for AN3306-2 on the Qualified Products List (QPL) 6106.

January 2006 - DLA Outstanding Readiness Award


On January 19, 2006, Vice Admiral Keith W. Lippert, Director of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), presented Karen Beagle, President of DARE Electronics, Inc. with DLA’s Outstanding Readiness Support Award for a woman-owned small business. DARE was nominated for the award by the Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC). According to Eleanor Holland, Director of Small Business at DSCC, a significant factor in DARE’s selection was DARE’s excellent quality rating and exceptional customer service.

January 2006 - Boeing Recognition

At a supplier conference at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), Boeing recognized DARE Electronics, Inc. as an Outstanding Supplier and presented DARE with a gold supplier coin in honor of DARE’s 100% gold quality and delivery rating. Ms. Melinda Smith, Business Development Manager at DARE Electronics, accepted the award on behalf of the Company.

November 2005 - DSCC Awards DARE Voltage Detector Contract

The Defense Supply Center Columbus awarded a contract to DARE Electronics for the design & development of a voltage detector used on the F-16. The contract calls for qualification testing to be completed by September 2006 with delivery of production units in 2007.

September 2005 - DLA Quality System & Facility Approval

In September, representatives from the Defense Supply Center Columbus conducted an audit of DARE Electronics’ Quality System and facility. Based on the audit, DARE was granted approval to manufacture MIL-PRF-6106 (formerly MIL-R-6106) electro-mechanical relays. Following facility approval to manufacture MIL-R-6106 relays, DARE was listed on the Qualified Products List (QPL) for MS25917-1.

August 2004 - DSCC "Gold" Medal Excellence Award


Rear Admiral Linda Byrd, Commander, Defense Supply Center Columbus, presented the 2003 Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) Gold Medal Excellence Award to Ms. Karen Beagle, President, DARE Electronics, Inc. at the annual DSCC Supplier Conference in Columbus Ohio.

July 2002 - DARE's New Team Member - Melinda Smith

DARE Electronics has hired Melinda Smith as its Business Development Manager. In addition to developing new business, Melinda will be responsible for contract management and customer relations. Prior to joining DARE Electronics, Melinda was employed at Hartman Electrical Manufacturing. At Hartman Electrical Manufacturing, which was acquired by Communication Instruments Inc. (CII) and subsequently Tyco, Melinda was responsible for contract and program management. Melinda brings more than 10 years experience dealing with relays in the government, military, and aerospace market to DARE.

February 1999 - Lockheed Martin SPC Approval


After developing a Statistical Process Control (SPC) program and undergoing a satisfactory on-site audit by a Lockheed Martin Quality Assurance Representative, Lockheed Martin granted DARE Electronics, Inc. Statistical Process Control (SPC) System Certification.

January 1993 - Navair Qualified Products Approval


In January 1993, the Department of the Navy, Naval Air Systems Command, approved DARE Electronics, Inc. part number AE111-006-99 for fleet usage on all F/A-18 version aircraft and initiated action to list DARE part number AE111-006-99 on the Qualified Products List for MIL-V-81995 (QPL-81995). Prior to approval, DARE performed extensive qualification testing on part number AE111-006-99, including flight line testing, to demonstrate its frequency sensing relay met the requirements of MIL-V-81995 and should be listed on the QPL for part number M81995/6-2.


September 1992 - Flasher Qualification Approval

DARE completed testing of its aircraft navigational flasher, part number AE118-019-99, and demonstrated its flasher met the qualification requirements of MIL-F-26301.